Ief Spincemaille

Beeldend kunstenaar

Wat doet Ief bij Compagnie Tartaren?

Ief Spincemaille ging samen met Marnick Bardyn (theatermaker), Tartaren en kunstenaars van De FactorY in 2016 aan ’t werk om een nooit gezien stadsproject in het kader van UTOPIA klaar te maken. Het resulteerde in een kunstparcours De Kueze van de Worms, dat fysieke en mentale verbindingen maakt om kloven tussen verschillende Leuvenaars te overbruggen.

Wat je nog over hem wil weten:

The Belgian visual artist Ief Spincemaille's (1976) artistic journey spans visual art, design, media art, photography and performance. He works in bicycle factories, prisons, housing estates, etc. Exploring the boundaries of his field of work (that of the arts), he plays with its existing frameworks and shapes. Not just for the joy of playing a formal game, but out of a need for new forms that better respond to his imagination and the challenges of our modern world.  Together with his collaborators he realizes various projects from Atelier Ief Spincemaille. 

Spincemaille succeeds in combining technique and poetry with a strongly committed social practice. He creates visual work about natural phenomena, perception instruments that connect with media art and visual performance projects with a strong social component. The latter make use of monumental objects such as a disproportionate rope (ROPE), a modular sail (THE PLAY) and temporary workstations (MUSTER STATION). With these sculptures Spincemaille investigates how the work of art can acquire meaning by temporarily connecting it to a community.

His work has been shown at the Dutch Film Festival (Utrecht), Guangzhou Triennale (Guangzhou), Fabbrica Europe (Florence), La Ferme du Buisson (Paris), L'Opera (Paris), De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam), Festival d'Avignon, FeliXart Museum (Drogenbos), Artefact Festival (Leuven), STRP Festival (Eindhoven), M-Museum (Leuven), Wiels (Brussels) and OK Center for Contemporary Art (Linz).

For "There is the sun" SPINCEMAILLE received an honourable mention in the category "Interactive Art" of Ars Electronica (Linz) in 2014. In 2017 'Rope' won the "community" category of the Henry Van De Velde Prize and in 2020 he received an honourable mention in the Textirama Awards. Rope was included in various collections and travels the world with presentations in Ukraine, Marseille, Pittsburgh (USA) and Montevideo (Uruguay). 

Spincemaille was also resident artist of the city of Leuven in the period 2014-2016. He obtained his Master's degree in Philosophy from the Catholic University of Leuven and studied Jazz, Modern Music and Music Technology at L'aula de Musica, Barcelona. His work is supported by Werktank and Art Agency Berserk. He is currently completing his doctorate in the arts on the interaction between art and various social contexts.